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Intrusion Security Systems

Cellular Communicators

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER832017Ademco / Honeywell Security3GL3G Radio For L5200 And L7000$147.06Details
ER823539Ademco / Honeywell Security3GLS3Gl$161.20Details
ER793642Ademco / Honeywell Security7847I-EInternet Communicator$253.11Details
ER721220Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCD6000HCdma Radio For Adt L3000Lb$253.11Details
ER885212Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCD6000H-KTCd6000H,Lynxrchkit-Sha F/Adt$280.68Details
ER998655Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMA-DCIDCdma-X,Dcid-Ext$181.70Details
ER733965Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMA-L3Cdma Radio For L3000$161.20Details
ER1030349Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMA-L57Cdma Communicator L5210/L7000$147.06Details
ER1043434Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMA-L57S$161.20Details
ER714043Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMA-XVerizon Cdma-X Communicator For Vista Panels$139.99Details
ER791917Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMAX-10KTCdma-X (10)Kit$1,234.22Details
ER846384Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCDMAX-TC2Cdma-X, V15V20Tc2Upg$154.13Details
ER877368Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB25KTWa7626-Ca,Cell-Ant3Db,7626-25Hc$177.32Details
ER830481Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DB50KTWa7626-Ca,Cell-Ant3Db,7626-50Hc$215.04Details
ER759341Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCELL3DBKTWa7626-Ca,Cell-Ant3Db$100.38Details
ER107181Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSM3DB50KT$215.04Details
ER106889Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSM3DBKT$100.38Details
ER799788Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMV4G-25KT(25) Gsmv4G$4,435.92Details
ER812914Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMX4G-10KTGsmx4G (10) Kit$1,234.22Details
ER737155Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMX4GKT4Vam,Gsmx4G$400.86Details
ER1043634Ademco / Honeywell SecurityGSMX4GS$196.55Details
ER1008546Ademco / Honeywell SecurityHWTEMPKT94Gsmx4G-Tc2,Cdma-X,V15V20Tc2Upg$80,093.00Details
ER384056Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIGSMHS4GHigh Security Communicator,4G$281.39Details
ER853721Ademco / Honeywell SecurityIGSMV4G-KT1Igsmv4G,6160Rf$881.01Details
ER360428Ademco / Honeywell SecurityV15V20-TC2UPGV15P/V20P Upgrade Chip Kit(9.18)F/Tc2.0 Support$84.84Details
ER1081890Bosch SecurityB440-CPlug-In Cellular Module, Verizon 3G, Cold$233.31Details
ER1057959Bosch SecurityB443-ATTHspa+ Plug-In W/ Att Sim$275.02Details
ER722883Bosch SecurityB465Accessory, Universal Dual Path Communicator $205.03Details
ER982751Bosch SecurityB465-MR-1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10R Medium Red Enclosure, B46 External Annunciator, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$299.93Details
ER1067975Bosch SecurityB465-MW-1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10 Medium White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer)$246.42Details
ER1075519Bosch SecurityB465-SR-1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11R Small Red Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$281.34Details
ER965101Bosch SecurityB465-SW-1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11 Small White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer)$239.35Details
ER925845Bosch SecurityD540Keypad For Honeywell$142.80Details
ER886713ClearRFWRE2710-SCell Signal Booster-15Db Gain$362.68Details
ER1038591ClearRFWRE2710-S-ULClearrf 850/1900 Dual Band M2M Cell Signal Amplphr$396.76Details
ER449075Honeywell Power ProductsMIP-2Ip Communicator, Security No Up Load Down Load$413.13Details
ER449076Honeywell Power ProductsMIP-2UDIp Communicator, Security With Upload Download$443.12Details
ER450472ipDatatelIPDBATCDMACellular Broadband Alarm Transceiv$183.81Details
ER1032250ipDatatelIPD-BAT-LTEUniversal Dual-Path Internet & Cellular Lte Alarm$231.88Details
ER828199ipDatatelIPD-CAT-CDMACellular Alarm Communicator$127.25Details
ER1073472ipDatatelIPD-CAT-CDMA-12VCdma Communicator$147.04Details
ER749103RSI Video Technologies / videofiedCRS200Crossbridge Sim Card At&Amp;TCall for Price.Details
ER833543RSI Video Technologies / videofiedTG200Sim Card - Telguard - At&TCall for Price.Details
ER679850RSI Video Technologies / videofiedUPL200Sim Card, Uplink Cellular, For The Us (T-Mobile OrCall for Price.Details
ER290032Telular / Telguard1F01B039Dipole Antenna, 9 Inch, With Tnc Connector, For Tg$14.73Details
ER226941Telular / Telguard20008801Transformer, For Tg-1B, 4, & 7 Series $25.12Details
ER752402Telular / Telguard25017701Key For Telguard Digital Lock Pk Of 2$9.07Details
ER331500Telular / Telguard66011701Stand Only For Tgp Units$3.82Details
ER290035Telular / Telguard72010501Antenna, With Sma Connector, For Tg-1Express $12.90Details
ER811697Telular / Telguard74009501Power Cord For Tg-P Ad-Tgp0004$16.65Details
ER825558Telular / Telguard75011201Tg-Sci Expansion Pack$18.94Details
ER1078374Telular / Telguard81029501-BCA 10Black/Red Wire F/Tg-1B&4 Battery Cable Assmb$44.67Details
ER226945Telular / TelguardACD-100Cable, 100 Feet, Low Loss, High Performance $234.37Details
ER1069721Telular / TelguardTG1CRX03Residential Cellular Only Alarm Communicator$182.39Details
ER515354Telular / TelguardTG-1EXPRESS (3G/4G)3G/4G Tg-1 Express Resi Comm$134.32Details
ER954479Telular / TelguardTG-1EXPRESS (3G/4G)-5 PACK KITTg-1Express (3G/4G)-5 Pack Kit$842.93Details
ER254453Telular / TelguardTG1G0004BFull Data Cellular Alarm Communicator. Ul Primary$202.19Details
ER978357Telular / TelguardTG1LA001BTg-1B Lte-A Residential Cellular Communicator$217.74Details
ER932954Telular / TelguardTG1LAX01Telguard Tg-1 Express Lte-A Primary Resi$169.67Details
ER774619Telular / TelguardTG-1VX003Residential Cell Alarm Comm F/Verizon Cdma Network$176.74Details
ER977676Telular / TelguardTG-1VX003-5 PACK KITTg-1Vx003-5 Pack Kit$842.93Details
ER290050Telular / TelguardTG4G00043G Tg4 Prim/Bkup Res/Bus Comm$261.58Details
ER290051Telular / TelguardTG4G0004B3G Tg4B Prim/Bkup Res/Bus W/Bt$275.72Details
ER803629Telular / TelguardTG4G0004-FTBTg-4 3G/4G Fifth Third Bank$240.37Details
ER226955Telular / TelguardTG7G00043G Tg-7 Prim/Bkup Commer Comm$331.32Details
ER254454Telular / TelguardTG7GA0043G Tg-7A Prim Bank/Commer Comm$601.29Details
ER1046770Telular / TelguardTG7LA001 TG-7 LTE-A (AT&T)Commercial Cellular Alarm Communicator On At&T Lte$332.68Details
ER1071771Telular / TelguardTG7LAA01 TG-7A LTE-AComm. Cellular Alarm Communicator In Attack Chasis$594.47Details
ER803073Telular / TelguardTG7V0004Commercial Alarm Communicator$321.77Details
ER876111Telular / TelguardTG7VA004Commercial Alarm Communicator (Armored Enclosure W$601.29Details
ER295937Telular / TelguardTG-KIT0043G Upgrade Kit For Tg-7 Models$276.78Details
ER1018505TexecomAFX-0001Premier Elite Am360Dt 24.125Ghz$60.79Details
ER958299TexecomCEC-0001Premier Elite Com2400$60.10Details
ER955055TexecomCEJ-0001Premier Elite Comip$164.01Details
ER291140United Security Products / USPAC2Ac/Dc Adapter W/ Flying Leads. 12Vdc$20.45Details
ER266833United Security Products / USPAVD-4040Auto Dialer With Remote Control Response$460.85Details
ER560970United Security Products / USPAVD-4040/SAuto Voice Dialer W/Remote Control &Metl Cab 24Vdc$538.57Details
ER697520United Security Products / USPCG CRITTER GITTERElectronic Audible Animal Deterrent$65.03Details
ER291155United Security Products / USPCVD2000Cell Phone Voice Dialer$817.99Details
ER228368United Security Products / USPCVD-2000PCellular Voice Dialer With Phone$999.18Details
ER255661United Security Products / USPCVD-2000PSCellular Voice Dialer With Phone And 400Min Of$1,273.85Details
ER1002088United Security Products / USPCVD-2010 PKG4Zone Cell Dialer 4 Output Msg W/Pp1 Ps08650$928.28Details
ER1007007United Security Products / USPCVD-2010P PKG4Zone Dialer W/Metal Enclosure And Phone$1,075.33Details
ER291158United Security Products / USPCVD-2020P4Zone Dialer W/Nema Enclosure And Phone$1,302.89Details
ER228371United Security Products / USPCVD-2025Celluar Dialer Bckup In Nema Cabinet W/Avd2010 Dlr$1,276.37Details
ER1076327United Security Products / USPCVD-2025P PKG4Zone Dial W/Nema Enclosure & Cellphone/8Out/4Msg$1,372.32Details
ER228372United Security Products / USPCVD-4050Bkup Avd4040 Dlr W/Nema Enclosure W/O Phone$1,352.12Details
ER291160United Security Products / USPCVD-4050PBackup Avd4040 Dlr W/Nema Enclsr & Ph (No Service)$1,420.30Details
ER291161United Security Products / USPCVD-4050PSBackup Avd4040 Dialer With Nema Enclosure/Phn/Sim$1,647.55Details
ER330603United Security Products / USPCVD-5050Celluar Dialer In Metallic Cabinet W/Avd-5000Dilr$911.21Details
ER295066United Security Products / USPCVD-5050PSCell Unit W/Avd-5000 Dialer,Cell W/$100 Prepaid$1,493.52Details
ER949616United Security Products / USPCVD-6050P PKGCellular Unit W/Remote/Power Fail And Phone$1,134.42Details
ER930439United Security Products / USPCVD-6050PS PKGCellular&Rmte/Pwrfail&Phn/Sim Card$1,386.21Details
ER266845United Security Products / USPCVD-AIMAlarm Interface Module F/Lc1$93.31Details
ER291175United Security Products / USPPF2-ECPwrfail Dialer 1Vmz 8#Ac Aptr$270.06Details
ER291176United Security Products / USPPF4-ECPwrfail Dialer 8# 3Vmz Ac Aptr$274.05Details
ER228391United Security Products / USPPFR2-ECPower Failure/Restore-2001$271.47Details
ER291177United Security Products / USPPFR4ECPower Failure/Restore 82000$294.50Details
ER266866United Security Products / USPPP1Power Pack For Avd$76.34Details
ER266872United Security Products / USPSR1Telephon Line Seizure Module$33.67Details
ER330580Uplink Security / Numerex2500REM2500 Remote Pulse Board 2.0 / 4.0 .5 Lb$25.74Details
ER330579Uplink Security / Numerex25X0REM2530/50/4550 Remote Pulse Board 2.0 / 5.0 .5 Lb$33.67Details
ER295036Uplink Security / Numerex4500EZ12V Trips General Alarms$134.32Details
ER560841Uplink Security / Numerex4530EX4Gsmall Profile Full Data Unit (New Vs.)$134.32Details
ER947549Uplink Security / Numerex4550RE4550 Recertified Full Data Cell Backup$86.24Details
ER889247Uplink Security / Numerex710ODOutdoor Camera For Uplink Remote Serviced$221.98Details
ER697567Uplink Security / NumerexCDMA50Cdma Comm Prim/Backup Full Data$231.88Details
ER1064190Uplink Security / NumerexCDMA50BOCircuit Board Only Fits 50 Series Enclosure$53.45Details
ER799513Uplink Security / NumerexCDMAEXFull Data Primary Communicator Using The$134.32Details
ER803869Uplink Security / NumerexCDMAEZCdma 4 Channel Summary Data Communicator$134.32Details
ER1022914UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1048-XT-LTE-VZAlarm.Com Simon Xt Lte Module, Verizon$205.02Details
ER719444UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1048-XT-ZX-ATGsm Radio For Xt/Xti W/Z-Wave And Image Sensor Rea$182.39Details
ER915940UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1048-XT-ZX-TMGsm Radio, W/ Z-Wave & Image Sensor Ready, T-Mobil$179.08Details
ER990633UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1048-XT-ZX-VZGsm, Adc Rev 4, For Xt And Xti, With Zwave, Image$175.32Details
ER991837UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1053-4-ZX-ATConcord 4, At&T Gsm 3G Alarm.Com Kit, W/Zwave$212.09Details
ER994094UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1053-4-ZX-TMConcord 4, T-Mobile Gsm 3G Alarm.Com Kit, W/Zwave$217.74Details
ER1044359UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-1053-4-ZX-VZConcord 4, Cdma Alarm.Com Kit, W/Zwave$212.09Details
ER711157UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix600-XTI-TEMPLATE-03Replacement Faceplate Template, Silk Grey, For Sim$11.33Details
ER991667UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixAV-3G-VService Kit, Includes Modem, Antenna, For Advisoro$120.18Details
ER1022725UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-591E-GSMNetworx Cellemetry Module-Gsm$254.51Details
ER954151UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-591NE-GSMNetworx Gsm 4G, Cellemetry$206.43Details
ER1026228UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-592E-CDMA-ZX-VZNetworx Verizon Cdma Alarm.Com Kit W/Zwave$212.09Details
ER938982UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-592E-GSM-ZX-ATNetworx,At&T Gsm 3G Alarm.Com Kt W/Zwave$212.09Details
ER994552UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-592E-GSM-ZX-TMNetworx, T-Mobile Gsm 3G Alarm.Com Kit W/ Z-Wave$217.74Details
ER977749UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX-595ETcp/Ip Communication Module$117.35Details
ER1019535UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixZW-BAT21AZerowire Backup Battery$24.22Details
ER1047294UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixZW-HSPAZerowire Cell Module Hspa 3G$113.11Details
ER291996VisonicGSM-350-PG2 (9-101748)Cellular & Ip Comm$154.11Details
ER817208zBoost472205Connect 3G - Directional Kit$471.76Details
ER859325zBoost473105Home 3G Kit, See Tech Notes$319.05Details