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Intrusion Security Systems

Door Cords

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER110758Ademco Sensors64WHRetract Slim Dr.Cord$14.32Details
ER111354Ademco Sensors69$23.44Details
ER114099Alarm Controls300SMagnetic Lock, Single, 300 Lb Maximum Holding Forc$102.05Details
ER113576Alarm ControlsAM3310600S Accessory, Armature Holder, For Maglock $38.46Details
ER114321Alarm ControlsAM3370600S Accessory, 3 Piece Z Bracket $60.75Details
ER114124Alarm ControlsAM6320Angle Bracket, For 600S & 1200S Maglocks $25.60Details
ER113989Alarm ControlsAM6361Filler Plate, For 600S & 1200S Maglocks, 10.5" X .$17.79Details
ER114411Alarm ControlsSPN26282 Gang Stainless Steel 12 Red Led Screen$178.16Details
ER115501Alarm ControlsTS-42Request-To-Exit (Rex) Station, (3) Adjustments Inc$52.84Details
ER116443Aleph AmericaAC1005WHTAleph Ac1005Wht Magnet 1520$1.78Details
ER117245Aleph AmericaAC1008White Magnet For 1541/1542$1.62Details
ER116444Aleph AmericaAC1008BRBrown Magnet For 1541/1542$1.78Details
ER116910Aleph AmericaAC1008TPs1541Magnet Only Tan$1.62Details
ER117247Aleph AmericaAC1008WAleph Ac1008 Wht Magnet Only$1.78Details
ER117345Aleph AmericaAL44100 Lbs Pet Immune 40X56 Detection$12.35Details
ER117357Aleph AmericaDC1561WGWHS/M W/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$2.99Details
ER116452Aleph AmericaDC1561WHMAGONLYAleph Dc1561Whtmagonly Magnet$1.43Details
ER117372Aleph AmericaDC4511Pull Apart Contact$30.55Details
ER122444AmsecoADC412BRN12" Door Cord 4-Cond Br$8.53Details
ER122445AmsecoADC412GRY12" Door Cord 4-Cond Gy$8.53Details
ER122446AmsecoADC418BROWN18" Door Cord 4-Cond Br$8.71Details
ER122447AmsecoADC418GRAY18" Door Cord 4-Cond Gy$8.71Details
ER935555AmsecoNDC212BROWNAmseco Ndc212 Door Cord 12" Br$4.82Details
ER122478AmsecoNDC212GREYAmseco Ndc212 Door Cord 12" Gy$4.82Details
ER121695AmsecoNDC212I12" Door Cord, Ivory$4.82Details
ER122479AmsecoNDC218BRAmseco Ndc218 2Cond 18"Dr Cord$5.64Details
ER123499AmsecoNDC218GREYAmseco Ndc218 2Cond 18"Dr Cord$5.64Details
ER121696AmsecoNDC218IVORYAmseco Ndc218 2Cond 18"Dr Cord$5.64Details
ER123500AmsecoNRC11B2Cnd24"Retrctbl Door Cord Brwn$6.18Details
ER122753AmsecoNRC11GAmseco 2Cnd24" Rtcbl Dr Crd G$6.18Details
ER123501AmsecoNRC11I2Cnd24"Retrctbl Door Cord Ivry$6.18Details
ER121697AmsecoNRC22B2Cnd48"Retrctbl Door Cord Brwn$7.09Details
ER122480AmsecoNRC22G2Cnd48"Retrctbl Door Cord Gray$7.09Details
ER121698AmsecoNRC22I2Cnd48"Retrctbl Door Cord Ivry$7.09Details
ER123508AmsecoQDC-2Quick Disconnect Cord 21"$9.65Details
ER122760AmsecoRDC9BROWNRdc9 9" Stretch Cord Brown$5.27Details
ER123509AmsecoRDC9IVORYRdc9 9" Stretch Cord Ivory$5.27Details
ER593086Bogen CommunicationsSAH30High-Efficiency, Digital Switching, Amplified Horn, 30W$129.06Details
ER156574Cynwyd International014193Cynwyd 014193 Flat Magnet$1.33Details
ER159933Detex Corporation102665Kit Magnet Replacement Eax-500$5.62Details
ER1041943Detex CorporationEAX500SK2XMC65AAXKSXks Battery Alarm With Mortise In Grey$327.43Details
ER183029DitekDTK1LVLPOPX1Pr 50V Terminal Strip 16-22Awg$34.36Details
ER152023DSI / Designed SecurityES411-K0Alarm, Door, W/ Alarm Status Relay, No Key $142.79Details
ER166089DSI / Designed SecurityES440-B3-C3Pushbutton, Large Mushroom, Single Gang, N/O, N/C,$175.24Details
ER166128DSI / Designed SecurityES450-K2Keyswitch, Barrel, Single Gang, Aluminum Painted P$96.43Details
ER166141DSI / Designed SecurityES632Annunciator, 12-Zone, 4-Gang, W/ Normally Open Rel$844.63Details
ER944474Flair ElectronicsPW942WHPre-Wire Plug, 3/8In Diameter White$0.28Details
ER175784GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1081GBCSentrol 1081-Gbc$3.78Details
ER187865GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1086WM1086W Surfc Scrw Mt Ol Wg$9.53Details
ER175802GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1093ALSentrol 1093Al Curtain Door$42.59Details
ER1074285GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1094A**Eol** Sentro 1094A Chain Link Fence$61.47Details
ER155664GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1802Sentrol 1802 Magnets$3.58Details
ER175837GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1830NSentrol 1830 Rare Earth Standa$2.99Details
ER155667GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1835Rare Earth Wide Gap Mag 1 Each. Rare Earth Wide Gap Magnet$3.72Details
ER155668GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1835NSentrol 1835 Wht Wide Gap Mag$3.65Details
ER163815GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1838N1838 Mag 1038T Cld Wht$2.57Details
ER175838GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1838TNReplacement Magnet For 1138$1.62Details
ER175841GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1906MSpacer For 1082/1085 Series, Brown$1.05Details
ER163820GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1906TGSentrol 1906T-G 1906T Spacer F$1.17Details
ER187902GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1906TNSentrol 1906T Spacer For Use$1.17Details
ER175843GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1908CNSentrol Adapter,Nut,Bag Of 10$0.57Details
ER163823GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1911Sentrol 1911 Z Bracket For 108$5.94Details
ER175848GE Security / UTC Fire & Security19121Sentrol 19121 L Bracket For$3.51Details
ER155671GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1914GSentrol 1914-Gry Spacer For$0.48Details
ER175850GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1914MSentrol 1914-Mah. Spacer For$0.48Details
ER155672GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1914NSentrol 1914-N Spacer For$0.48Details
ER187905GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1920DSentrol 1920D Double Srength$18.57Details
ER175851GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1921Sentrol 1921 Magnet For 1078 S$5.22Details
ER187907GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1921CSentrol 1921C Magnet For 1078C$5.22Details
ER187912GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1927MSentrol 1927 Magnet F/1035 Ser$1.62Details
ER155676GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1932CM*Eol*1932Cm 3/4" Recessed$0.73Details
ER155677GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1932CM10PKGEmpty Shell, 1078C Series Brown10-Pk$6.36Details
ER175856GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1932C-NEmpty Shell, 1078C Series, White$0.73Details
ER187913GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1932-NMagcon 1Dia Recssd Emptyshel. Magnet Contact. 1 Inch Diameter Recessed. Emptyshell. White$0.81Details
ER163832GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1933GSentrol 1933 "Magnet For 1045T$5.40Details
ER155678GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1933NSentrol 1933N Nat Magnet For$5.40Details
ER175859GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1937GSentrol 1937 Magnet For 1032$3.43Details
ER811700GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1938TNReplacement Spacer**Eol In Cdn**$0.73Details
ER155681GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1968Sentrol 1968 Spacer For 2505$2.20Details
ER155683GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1976Sentrol 1976 Spacer For 2800$3.21Details
ER175871GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1993WNSentrol 1993 Wg Mag Only$2.81Details
ER348785GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2707ADL172707Ad W/ 30 Ft Armored Cable$424.36Details
ER188082GE Security / UTC Fire & Security608861195Crystal Shock Sensor, Brown$79.50Details
ER624229GE Security / UTC Fire & Security8009934Concord 4 W/Atp1000 Tp, 3H/W Contacts, K$271.63Details
ER176093GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80638Express Wireless Crystal Package G4$279.78Details
ER176125GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80919Express Hardwire Package With Atp1000 An$189.11Details
ER164112GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80936Superbus Trnasceiver With End$108.60Details
ER155969GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL1473Smart Tag,Light Version,$8.16Details
ER188240GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCCS1000Coax Surge Module: Coax Surge$32.10Details
ER164196GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCFC8008F-Connector Cross-Connection Plate$8.62Details
ER188504GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityIND18301830 Industrial Magnet,Scottm$3.80Details
ER176503GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX002X-Pand-A-Can For Nx-4$21.56Details
ER189689GRI Telemark10012ALContact 100-12 Mini Surface Mount Almond Bag 10$4.89Details
ER172334GRI Telemark10478BZs20Rs-72Wg-B(Brown) W/Mm-600 Magnet$9.55Details
ER172335GRI Telemark10478WZs20Rs-72Wg-W (White) W/Mm-600 Magnet$9.55Details
ER172336GRI Telemark10479BS2020-72Wg-B (Brown) W/Mm-600 Magnet$8.94Details
ER172337GRI Telemark10479WZs2020-72Wg-W (White) W/Mm-600 Magnet$8.72Details
ER711501GRI Telemark361415K Ohm 1/8W Eol Resistor$3.35Details
ER177821GRI Telemark4244.7K Resistor Order In Quantities Of 10$3.35Details
ER189927GRI Telemark4312Gri Cover Only For 100T,White$0.08Details
ER311318GRI Telemark4747White Empty 3/4" Case$0.81Details
ER347814GRI Telemark4749Brown Empty 3/4" Case$0.81Details
ER311317GRI Telemark4751Gray Empty 3/4" Case$0.81Details
ER773013GRI Telemark674847K Ohm 1/8W Eol Resistor$3.29Details
ER177954GRI Telemark7743Gri Case For 4460 (Empty)$1.76Details
ER177985GRI Telemark8313BGri 5600 Ohm$12.27Details
ER167618GRI Telemark8314BGri 1000 Ohm Resister$12.27Details
ER311305GRI Telemark8608360Ms4702-A W/30' Lead$167.33Details
ER167639GRI Telemark8949Steal Cabel Clamp It Measures .25 Diam X$0.73Details
ER190103GRI Telemark8950Steel Cable Clamp .312 X .437 Length 10Pack$0.73Details
ER178015GRI TelemarkA625BLGri Recessed Adaptor 5/8" Dia$0.38Details
ER178016GRI TelemarkA625WHGri A625Wht 5/8" Recessed$0.40Details
ER167649GRI TelemarkA87WHTGri A87Wht 7/8" Recessed$0.40Details
ER172847GRI TelemarkAA20WW56Gri 5.6 Resistor$8.27Details
ER1048675GRI TelemarkC100MWEmpty Case For The 100 Series Switch Set$0.14Details
ER172871GRI TelemarkDP1BLGri Dp1B 1" Dummy Hole Plug$0.24Details
ER172876GRI TelemarkDP375WHGri 3/8 Press Fit Dummy Plug$0.24Details
ER178056GRI TelemarkDP500WHGri Dummy Plugs 1/2" White$0.24Details
ER172880GRI TelemarkDP50RFBRGri Super Miniature Recessed$0.24Details
ER178057GRI TelemarkDP50RFWHGri Super Miniature Recessed$0.24Details
ER982652GRI TelemarkDP750WGri Dummy Plugs 3/4" White$0.24Details
ER172922GRI TelemarkM100BRGri M-100 Brn 3/8 X 1 3/4 Mag$1.70Details
ER172927GRI TelemarkM110BRGri M-110 Magnet Only Brown$1.70Details
ER178101GRI TelemarkM110WHGri M-110W Mag Only White$1.70Details
ER178104GRI TelemarkM12UPGri M-12Up 1 4 In X 1 In$1.15Details
ER190190GRI TelemarkM14BRGri M-14 Brn Magnet$3.94Details
ER190191GRI TelemarkM14WHGri M-14/W Magnet For 29Awg$3.94Details
ER190194GRI TelemarkM15GRGri M-15/Gy Magnet For 400$7.25Details
ER190195GRI TelemarkM15WHGri M-15W Magnet For 410 Serie$7.25Details
ER167741GRI TelemarkM16UPGri M16Up 3/8 X 1 1/2 Bare Mag$3.09Details
ER190203GRI TelemarkM19UPGri M19Up 3/16 X 1 Bare Magnet$0.83Details
ER178114GRI TelemarkM401GGri M401G Magnet Only, Grey$5.85Details
ER190209GRI TelemarkM500WMagnet (Neodymium) 0.125 X 0.125 X 0.750$2.16Details
ER173057GRI TelemarkM5066Gri 3/8 Press Fit Magnet Only$1.64Details
ER627532GRI TelemarkM5110BMini Surface Mount Magnet Bulk Bags Of 1$0.73Details
ER627533GRI TelemarkM5110WMini Surface Mount Magnet Bulk Bags Of 1$0.73Details
ER167756GRI TelemarkM5BRGri M-5 Brn Magnet, 3/8 Ptf$1.56Details
ER178123GRI TelemarkM5RSBRGri M5Rs 3/8 Mag Only Brown$1.39Details
ER173062GRI TelemarkM5WHGri M-5 Wht Magnet, 3/8 Ptf$1.56Details
ER190214GRI TelemarkM6RFWHGri M-6Rf/W Magnet For$2.00Details
ER311291GRI TelemarkM700WHMagnet For The 700 Series Switch Set$4.84Details
ER190216GRI TelemarkM7BRGri M-7 Brn$1.96Details
ER190217GRI TelemarkM7WHGri M-7/W Magnet For 50-12$1.96Details
ER190218GRI TelemarkM8BRGri 29 Magnet, Brown$1.94Details
ER167767GRI TelemarkM8GRGri 29 Magnet, Grey$1.94Details
ER167773GRI TelemarkMC180Gri Mc180 Magnet Only For The$4.89Details
ER173074GRI TelemarkMC25WGri Window Channel Magnet - Wh$2.73Details
ER178168GRI TelemarkN213012WGBGri Rib Switch Open Loop With$8.70Details
ER167810GRI TelemarkN213012WGWGri Rib Switch Open Loop With$8.70Details
ER190282GRI TelemarkPA75WHWhite 3/4 In. Adaptor$0.24Details
ER190286GRI TelemarkPB202018WH3/8 Plunger Swtch W/18" Ld$5.53Details
ER1048932GRI TelemarkPTDCHeavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Ends$17.74Details
ER928367GRI TelemarkPTDC12Heavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Devic$21.21Details
ER1041000GRI TelemarkPTDC18Heavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Devic$21.95Details
ER967008GRI TelemarkPTDC24Heavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Devic$22.66Details
ER1034391GRI TelemarkPTDC36Heavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Devic$24.09Details
ER956910GRI TelemarkPTDC7Heavy Duty Aluminum Power Transfer Devic$20.63Details
ER190306GRI TelemarkPW20WHGri Pw-20 Wht 3/8 Full Size$0.69Details
ER190307GRI TelemarkPW375WH3/8 Pre Wire Plug - White$0.24Details
ER167855GRI TelemarkPW500BLGri 1/2" Pre-Wire Plugs,Black$0.69Details
ER167857GRI TelemarkPW75WHGri Pw-75W Prewire Plugs,$0.55Details
ER178220GRI TelemarkS111WHGri S111 White Cover$0.24Details
ER190336GRI TelemarkS18012BRGri S180-12/B Switch Only/$4.11Details
ER173193GRI TelemarkS18012WHGri S180-12/W Switch Only/$4.11Details
ER173256GRI TelemarkS20RS12WGBGri S20Rs-12Wgw Switch Only$4.58Details
ER190346GRI TelemarkS20RS12WGWHGri S20Rs-12Wgw Switch Only$4.58Details
ER178234GRI TelemarkS20RSTWGBRGri Brown Switch Only,Wide Gap$5.16Details
ER190350GRI TelemarkS20RSTWGWHGri S20Rstwgw Switch Only Wide$5.16Details
ER190351GRI TelemarkS20RSTWHSwitch Only 10 Pk$4.64Details
ER190352GRI TelemarkS20RSTXWGWHGri White Switch, Wide Gap$4.82Details
ER178235GRI TelemarkS212012WGBRGri S212012Wg Brown$3.98Details
ER173257GRI TelemarkS212012WGWGri Rib Switch White,Wide Gap$3.98Details
ER190356GRI TelemarkS222BRGri Cover F/29 Series Brown$0.32Details
ER190362GRI TelemarkS28GRGrey Spacer For 28/29 Series$0.16Details
ER167929GRI TelemarkS29AWGri S29A Switch Only, White$3.62Details
ER167948GRI TelemarkS4473WHGri S4473/W Switch Only For$3.94Details
ER167953GRI TelemarkS50R12WHGri S50R12W Switch Only White$3.15Details
ER190387GRI TelemarkS50RF12WHGri S50Rf-12/W Switch Only$3.15Details
ER167955GRI TelemarkS50RS12WGBRGri S50Rs-12Wg Brn 1/4"Recesse$4.82Details
ER190388GRI TelemarkS50RS12WGWHGri S50Rs12Wgw Wht.1/4"Recesse$4.82Details
ER173289GRI TelemarkS6941WGri 1/4" Recessed 36" Lead Sol$3.56Details
ER192221Home SafeguardHOVTED16HKit 1,Enclsd Tst Head, 1 8Ft Tel Tst B,1$865.06Details
ER195890Inovonics01951Mag-150Wg Magnet W/White Hsg$7.62Details
ER195903InovonicsACC623BAccessory Pack, Black, For Echostream En1223 Penda$10.98Details
ER201543International Connector & Cable / ICCICPCSSR8GNGreen Strain Release -10Pk$4.05Details
ER269479International Connector & Cable / ICCICPCSSR8YLYellow Strain Release -10Pk$4.05Details
ER931533Mag Daddy8200016 Lb Rare Earth Magnet, 19Mm (3/4”) Dia$2.55Details
ER340723MAGNASPHEREHS1452L15111Roll Up Dr Brckt W/Hsl 1.5 Premounted Right Side$320.42Details
ER304592MAGNASPHEREHS1453L15111Roll Up Dr Brckt W/Hsl 1.5 Premounted Left Side$320.42Details
ER817954MAGNASPHEREHSL15111C35L15Ul-634 Level 1 Rated, Two Contacts – Two$106.63Details
ER797159MAGNASPHEREHSL15111C35L35Ul-634 Level 1 Rated, Two Contacts – Two$106.63Details
ER1018865MAGNASPHEREHSL15111C48L45Hs-L1.5-111 With 4 Ft Armored Cable$111.89Details
ER833706MAGNASPHEREHSL15111C60L55Level 1 High Security Sensor Ul 634, 5Ft$117.16Details
ER641785MAGNASPHEREHSS1367Spacers (1/32"Thick) For Hss-L2C-A Magne$21.74Details
ER641787MAGNASPHEREHSS1450L2S001Roll Up Door Bracket W/ Hss L2 Pre-Mount$523.49Details
ER641790MAGNASPHEREHSS1543Replacement Installer Components Kit For$28.22Details
ER641792MAGNASPHEREHSS1545Replacement Installer Components Kit For$12.35Details
ER876615Middle AtlanticC5-VENT2-BKFlat Panel, Vented, Black, For 2-Bay C5 Series CreCall for Price.Details
ER221823Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE-BRKT-23Rack Installation Kit, 23 Inches, For All Enterpri$27.09Details