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Intrusion Security Systems

Floor Mats and Traps

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER627449GRI Telemark4461A-72Sw St Mini Alum Case W/72" Armored Lead$35.88Details
ER190128GRI TelemarkB18012GBiased 3/4" Swt Clsd Lp Gray$16.15Details
ER178070GRI TelemarkDS-03-BDome Switch Spdt Brown$8.53Details
ER178071GRI TelemarkDS-03-WDome Switch Spdt Wht-Sold Qty Of 10$8.53Details
ER190398GRI TelemarkS-8585-T-WSwitch Only 3/4" Steel Door Recessed White$5.45Details
ER641783MAGNASPHEREHS-1542Replacement Installer Components Kit For Hs-L1.5-X$12.82Details
ER228349United Security Products / USP901Pressure Matt 9 X 15 F/Up To 25Lbs$30.28Details
ER255639United Security Products / USP901PR9"X15" Sealed Pressure Mat With Activat.Wgt-601Lbs$35.88Details
ER228350United Security Products / USP902Usp 902 6"X 24" Pressure Mat$41.74Details
ER291135United Security Products / USP902PRSealed-Pressure-Mat-6"X24"-Pet-Resistant-Upto-60Lb$43.20Details
ER266822United Security Products / USP903Usp 903 18" X 24" Pressure Mat$66.44Details
ER266823United Security Products / USP903PRPressure Mat 18''X24'' Pet Resistant$59.37Details
ER255640United Security Products / USP904PRUsp Pressure Mat, Pet Resistan$104.62Details
ER228351United Security Products / USP908Sealed Pressure Mat 14"X24"$55.64Details
ER291136United Security Products / USP908PRSealed Pressure Mat 24"X30" Pet Resistant$58.68Details
ER255641United Security Products / USP909Usp 909 24 X 36 Sealed Mat$115.93Details
ER228356United Security Products / USP925Usp 925 25'X 30" Pressure Mat$275.72Details
ER266827United Security Products / USP926Rlld Pres Matt 25Ft X 30Inch Pet Res$305.41Details
ER255644United Security Products / USP960Sealed,Pressure Mat, 24''X60''$171.08Details
ER255645United Security Products / USP960PRPressure Mat 24''X60'' Pet Resistant$189.46Details
ER291187United Security Products / USPWPM-24Wireless Pressur Mat 18" X 24"$336.77Details