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Intrusion Security Systems

Self-Contained Sirens

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER111010Ademco Sensors702Ademco Elect.Siren,6-12Vdc$22.26Details
ER110759Ademco Sensors719Ademco 5"Elect.Siren,6-12Vdc$15.92Details
ER110761Ademco Sensors747$17.48Details
ER111013Ademco Sensors747F$19.48Details
ER110762Ademco Sensors747PDSiren,Indoor,2 Tone,Piezo Dyna$19.07Details
ER387329Ademco Sensors747PD-10KT$170.81Details
ER110507Ademco Sensors748Self Contained 2 Tone Siren$52.49Details
ER387330Ademco Sensors748-10KT$473.54Details
ER110508Ademco Sensors748LCSiren 2 Tone Lo/Current/Tamper$54.98Details
ER110509Ademco Sensors749$47.64Details
ER111388Ademco SensorsWAVE$12.85Details
ER111141Ademco SensorsWAVE2$10.78Details
ER110806Ademco SensorsWAVE2EXIndoor Piezo Siren$19.48Details
ER111389Ademco SensorsWAVE2F$17.48Details
ER110807Ademco SensorsWAVE2PDSiren,Indoor,2 Tone,Piezo Dyna$16.39Details
ER111142Ademco SensorsWAVE-FFlush Mount Speaker$13.58Details
ER117716Alltel / Windstream SupplyV-1030M5 Watt Marine Horn$127.25Details
ER808672Alltel / Windstream SupplyV-1030M (WHITE)Weather Resistant, 5 Watt Amplified Horn Spkr Whte$127.25Details
ER123484AmsecoCM4Electronic Chime F/Ebp407C$54.92Details
ER122476AmsecoFSS26TIndr/Otdr 15W 125Db 6 Tne Srn$26.51Details
ER123504AmsecoPAL328Amseco Pal328 Piezo W/O Nut$9.17Details
ER123505AmsecoPAL-328NPal-328N Piezo Alert W/Nut$9.98Details
ER359072AmsecoSHX52Shx51 Armrd Hrn 15W/Tmp$41.74Details
ER123516AmsecoSSX52Warble Siren Ind/Out 120Db Tamp$48.31Details
ER121714AmsecoSSX52SA2-Tn Siren 120Db W/Ambr Strobe$72.10Details
ER123517AmsecoSSX52SB2-Tn Siren 120Db W/Blu Strobe$72.10Details
ER123518AmsecoSSX52SR2-Tn Siren 120Db W/Red Strobe$72.10Details
ER122774AmsecoSSX822 Tone Siren 25W 12V$50.53Details
ER122499AmsecoSSX-82SASsx-82Sa W/Sl401 Strobe Amber$83.41Details
ER718139Edwards / GS Building Systems89SMSTRG-AQGreeen Strobe Surface Mounted$190.88Details
ER168023H.A.I. Home Automation28A00-2Flush Speaker Microphne Module$27.75Details
ER931971Honeywell Environmental ControlsRCW100N1000/NWired Chime - 1 Chime$18.94Details
ER1057086Honeywell Environmental ControlsRCW101N1008/NWired/Battery Powered Door Chi$12.15Details
ER733672MG Electronics62T3120TA-WBuzzer Style Warble Siren With Adjustable Volume F$8.16Details
ER802946MG ElectronicsDT6001-To-6 Bus Terminal Double-Sided Foam Tape A$3.47Details
ER274444MG ElectronicsHS12T11 1/2 X 6 1/2 Pa Horn 70Volt$37.34Details
ER274445MG ElectronicsHS17TTalkback Horn Spkr W/Trnsfmr$56.38Details
ER219603MG ElectronicsLD72Buzzer 12 Volt Black$8.53Details
ER235135MG ElectronicsM44H15W Surface Spkr 4X4"$11.15Details
ER235136MG ElectronicsM85PDSSiren 30W 6-12Vdc 5X8 White$21.97Details
ER219615MG ElectronicsPA1003/4" Pzo Audio Indicator$7.62Details
ER274463MG ElectronicsSS100H4"Wallmnt Indr Siren 12Vdc Wht$12.82Details
ER202820MG ElectronicsSSP3Mg Elec 3 1/2"Piezo Siren Blk$18.16Details
ER743254Potter ElectricLFH-24RRed 520 Hz Low Freq Sounder$51.99Details
ER878675RSI Video Technologies / videofiedWIS100Siren, Wireless, Indoor Call for Price.Details
ER248452Seco-LarmSH532L3 Tone Mini Siren 4" Long 3 1/2" Diameter 1.4 Amp$10.32Details
ER813263SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAM-24RAmplified Speakers,25 Or 70 Vrms,Nema 3R,24Vdc Red$424.03Details
ER724457SigCom / Signal CommunicationsTM-24GMultitone, Nema 3R, 24Vdc, Grey$454.03Details
ER853124SigCom / Signal CommunicationsTM-24RMultitone, Nema 3R, 24Vdc, Red$454.03Details
ER255658United Security Products / USPCC-900Wireless Long Range Annunciator Care Caller$557.66Details
ER255660United Security Products / USPCE-900Additional Care Caller Annunciator Siren Unit$392.67Details
ER255682United Security Products / USPS120Usp 2" Mini Siren, 12V$13.98Details
ER720027UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix13-453Speaker, Interior, 8 Ohm, 15 Watt Rms, W/ 20 Watt$8.53Details
ER869255UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix13-469Siren, Dual Tone, Concord Express, For Status / Al$11.20Details
ER987665UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60-528Harwire Interior Speaker, Dual Speaker$29.54Details
ER851933UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMA-2Piezo Sounder, 2 Tone, 4-24 Vdc, Up To 100 Db Outp$17.51Details
ER778558UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-37Siren / Speaker, Round Horn, 2-Channel, In Mpi-35$13.32Details
ER828722UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-38Siren / Speaker, Rectangular Horn, 2-Channel, 6-13$19.68Details
ER872466UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-47Piezo Siren, Single Alternating High / Low, Surfac$23.22Details
ER867670UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-47BPiezo Siren, Screamer, W/ Bracket, Wall Mount, 2"$15.45Details
ER853923UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-47CPiezo Siren, Screamer, W/ Round Faceplate, Ceiling$15.45Details
ER815035UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixMPI-47EPiezo Siren, Screamer, W/ Rectangular Faceplate, 2$16.65Details
ER1038387VisonicSD-304C PG2Power G Shock Sensor Form C$46.85Details
ER267832VisonicSR-730 PG2 (0-100969)Power G Outdoor Siren/ Strobe$168.25Details