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Intrusion Security Systems

Specialized Burglar Alarm Equipment

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER9396162GIG Technologies2GIG-FT1-345Sensor, Combination Flood-Temperature, 2 Gig, 345$49.91Details
ER984845Ai NextDC1814B3/4" Steel Door Magnetic Contact Brown$2.73Details
ER115008Alarm ControlsSC628ANLoud Panel Moutning Son Alert$128.36Details
ER115065Alarm ControlsSPN3526M2 Console With 12Ea Dsw-1 Sw Red Lens 1$459.57Details
ER115237Alarm ControlsSPN4288Ts-32 Dpdt Contacts$129.56Details
ER115504Alarm ControlsTS-56RSg Ss 1.5" Red Latch Ill Mushroom 1Nc 1No 1/2" Red$112.98Details
ER121483AmsecoABS1Push Button Switch Ivory No Wording$1.90Details
ER122340AmsecoAMS25ABR3/4" Prs Stl Dr 3/4" Gap Br$3.82Details
ER121491AmsecoAMS26ABR3/4" Prs Stl Dr Wd Gp Br Spdt$4.45Details
ER122756AmsecoPSW1Psw-1 Spst Plunger Switch Iv$2.73Details
ER121702AmsecoPSW2Amsco Psw-2 Surfce Plung Ct Gy$3.82Details
ER122758AmsecoPSW21BR3/8" Recess Plunger Brown$3.23Details
ER122484AmsecoPSW21IV3/8" Reccess Plunger Switch$3.23Details
ER123507AmsecoPSW22P-Fit Flng Plunger White$3.73Details
ER122761AmsecoRSW21ARollerball Switch, Grey$4.55Details
ER122772AmsecoSP062High Sec Contact Spacers 10Pk$38.06Details
ER993209Black Box USALPB316A16-Port 10/100 Rj-45 Poe+ Switch$834.33Details
ER1029898Black Box USALPB5028A24+4-Port Poe+ Gigabit Managed Switch Ec$1,211.72Details
ER158583DitekDTK-4LVLPRUVSurge Protector, Low Voltage, 130V, Screw Terminal$57.61Details
ER997797Dortronics12040053-Inch Replacement Roller$11.05Details
ER159896DSI / Designed SecurityES5200-R0Tailgate Detection System, Standard Unit **No Remo$2,623.53Details
ER152715Edwards / GS Building Systems341-B3T-12J341-B Drst W/3C1R Mag T$148.46Details
ER948594Flair Electronics100065YBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$61.10Details
ER972374Flair Electronics100098LYOverhead Door Contact - Dpst, 3" Gap, 3$36.16Details
ER1000046Flair Electronics100098LYBMSHeavy Duty High Security Overhead Door B$61.10Details
ER765748Flair Electronics1010H20WHTWater Sensor, Small Probes And Hidden Te$7.09Details
ER1007205Flair ElectronicsMN600Rare Earth Magnet - .600" Diameter X 1/8$1.86Details
ER788178Flair ElectronicsPFC42YWHTRecessed Magnetic Contact - Dpdt, 1/2" G$10.70Details
ER187021Flair ElectronicsVIP1000H20WHTWater Sensor$13.02Details
ER623002Flair ElectronicsVIP481A942CWHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In Steel$3.88Details
ER949516Flair ElectronicsVIP48A942CRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2 Gap In Steel$3.88Details
ER623003Flair ElectronicsVIP941BRNRecessed Contact - Cc, 3/4" Gap, 3/8" Di$2.16Details
ER1015349Flair ElectronicsVIP941CWHTRecessed Magnet Only - Cc, 3/8" Dia. X$1.39Details
ER623004Flair ElectronicsVIP942CWHTRecessed Magnet Only - 3/8" Dia. X 3/4"$1.49Details
ER980431Flair ElectronicsWDPS1010H2OWHTWater Probe, Dummy (No Electronics), "Wd$7.09Details
ER187804GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005-NMini-Magnapull Pull-Apart Magnetic Conta$10.72Details
ER623410GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1171TWN1171Tw Rcsd 1/2 Dia Flng Term Ol$10.35Details
ER175836GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1517Z06A151 Re 3Amp Magnet Z Cbl 18/2 Armoured 6$83.04Details
ER348784GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2707AL39Sentrol 2707A W/15 Leads$233.51Details
ER163869GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2757DL3Sentrol Access Control Compnts$298.12Details
ER187949GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2845T-MExp Proof Cond Fit Ter Cont Cl. Explosion Proof Conduit. Fitting Terminal Contacts. Closed Loop Wide Gap. Gap Up To 1In Magnetic Contact$76.24Details
ER897455GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2847THM**Eol**Sentrol 2847Th-M Industrial$111.31Details
ER163878GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3008-M3/4L Srty Rlr Pgr Cot Wl Cl Sm. 3/4 Inch Shorty Roller Plunger. Contact With Wire Leads. Includes Spacer And Mounting. Brown$6.13Details
ER187953GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3008-W3/4L Srty Rlr Pgr Cot Wl Cl Sm. 3/4 Inch Shorty Roller Plunger. Contact With Wire Leads. Includes Spacer And Mounting. White$6.13Details
ER187955GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3015-N1/2In Rec Pin Plunger Wht 1Ea. Recessed Pin Plunger. 1/2In Dia Closed Loop. 1 Each Ul Listed. White$6.80Details
ER163883GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3027-MPlunger Self-Adjust/Spdt Brown$11.27Details
ER188302GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDV1221AStructural Vibration Sensor. Structural Vibration Sensor. For Vaults/Atms. Or Metal Cabinets$212.85Details
ER1035288GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityRF360I4Water Resistant Medical Pendant$50.03Details
ER940072GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTXE221Interlogix Recessed Dr Windo Transmitter$30.13Details
ER1060505GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTXE611Interlogix Flood Freez Sensor$44.54Details
ER976736GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST232Dws With External Contact Input, 345Mhz$25.69Details
ER1043335GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST400Tilt Sensor, 433Mhz$30.84Details
ER1081847GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST402Tilt Sensor, 345Mhz$30.84Details
ER866686GRI Telemark10012BKStandard Gap Up To 1Inch Closed Loop$4.64Details
ER734265GRI Telemark100180AL100 Series Contact W/15 Lead$9.57Details
ER627331GRI Telemark100TCWH2KSw Set, 100-Tc-W W/2K Res$7.53Details
ER916311GRI Telemark10596GSurface Mount Switch Set 100-T-Gray With$7.31Details
ER627355GRI Telemark10774Sw Set, 4701-A W/2-2.2K Resistors$56.40Details
ER627356GRI Telemark10776Sw Set, 4701-Axl W/2-2.2K Resistors$61.64Details
ER778995GRI Telemark10874BSwitch Set 20Rs-12Xwg With A 22K Resisto$8.05Details
ER847496GRI Telemark10874WSwitch Set 20Rs-12Xwg With A 22K Resisto$8.05Details
ER869927GRI Telemark10880-BSw Set, S20Rs-12-B W/2.2K Res W/Mm-9 Pack Of 10$7.49Details
ER725914GRI Telemark10880-WSw Set, S20Rs-12-W W/2.2K W/Mm-9 Bag Of 10$7.49Details
ER957952GRI Telemark10990B3/4" Recessed Stubby Brown With Wire L$8.73Details
ER1071898GRI Telemark10996B20Rs-12-Brown With A Mm-10$5.22Details
ER1043932GRI Telemark10996W20Rs-12-White With A Mm-10$5.22Details
ER966506GRI Telemark10997W20Rs-12-White With Red Wires And A Mm-10$7.64Details
ER975104GRI Telemark10998W20Rs-12-White With Orange Wires And A Mm$7.64Details
ER982328GRI Telemark10999W180Rs-12-White With Mm-375$7.87Details
ER786687GRI Telemark1100A12WGBRSw Set, Surface Mount Spst$6.84Details
ER881685GRI Telemark1100A12WJLSw Set, Surface Mount Spst 1/2'' Gap Whi$6.67Details
ER917696GRI Telemark11012BKStandard Gap Up To 1Inch Closed Loop$4.64Details
ER716693GRI Telemark11036WGWHWht Surface Mnt W/ 36Inch Lead$6.22Details
ER856961GRI Telemark11048WGWWht Surface Mnt W/ 48Inch Lead$6.64Details
ER962941GRI Telemark11055WS20Rs-T-W W/1K Resistor And W/Mm-375$9.75Details
ER627391GRI Telemark180RS48BLSwitch Set 3/4" Recessed Stubby In Black$8.13Details
ER172459GRI Telemark20072200 Series Contact With A 6 Ft. Armored$52.36Details
ER746531GRI Telemark2020-T-B W/2K2020T W/2K Resistor, Brown, Bag Of 10$7.11Details
ER172489GRI Telemark20RSTXWGBRGri Closed Contact Brown Wide$6.22Details
ER189837GRI Telemark23060Flr Mnt Ovrhd Dr Swtch Set,Dpdt 5'Steelcbl & Wire$53.45Details
ER172497GRI Telemark2500Water Sensor Open Loop$21.32Details
ER172498GRI Telemark2500T-WWater Sensor Open Loop 12Vdc W/2600T-P White$27.21Details
ER172503GRI Telemark2524GWater Sensor, Open-Looped, W/4 Cond$21.32Details
ER942518GRI Telemark2600TPHSWWhite Flood Sensor$5.69Details
ER627413GRI Telemark2624TGWater Sensor N/C 24V Dc$27.36Details
ER751835GRI Telemark29ABW22KSurface Mount Switch Set 29A-Brown With$7.04Details
ER189873GRI Telemark29AWGBRGENSwitch Set,Generic Surface Mnt W/Termina$279.97Details
ER726478GRI Telemark29CXWGWHSw Set Surf Mount 2 Inch Gap Spdt$13.12Details
ER730924GRI Telemark29PCXWGWHSw Set 29Pc 3 Cond Cable$25.32Details
ER189898GRI Telemark303012GS3030-12 Open Loop Contact$7.11Details
ER311335GRI Telemark303012WGGContact 3/8"Diameter Extra Wide Gap Bag 10 Gray$7.78Details
ER177795GRI Telemark400GNLGri 400/G/Nl$8.67Details
ER444805GRI Telemark404012WGWHSwitch Set 3/8" Single Pole Double Throw$9.45Details
ER172659GRI Telemark410WGWHCommercial Surface Mount 3 Wh$9.93Details
ER167347GRI Telemark4110A36Gri 4110A36$30.48Details
ER167354GRI Telemark4400A964400 With An 8Ft Armored Cable$58.68Details
ER177825GRI Telemark4400AB W/1K4400Ab Biased With 1K Resistor Surface Mount$39.53Details
ER995979GRI Telemark4402A600Sw Set, Ind Wide Gap Spdt Alum Up To 3"$215.85Details
ER189938GRI Telemark4473BRGri Brown Standard 1/2" Gap$4.62Details
ER723427GRI Telemark4473RSWSwitch Set 8080Rst With A Mm9Rs Magnet$5.45Details
ER172682GRI Telemark453296Overhead Door Contactswitch With 8' Lead$42.46Details
ER842758GRI Telemark45391/4 Watt @ 5% Tolerants-Sold Bags Of 10$2.93Details
ER177844GRI Telemark454536WGri 4545 Door Sensor W/36In$13.60Details
ER997252GRI Telemark4702Gri 4702 Cls Lp Sfmt 3"Jkt Cbl$19.68Details
ER1054598GRI Telemark4704A216Pull Apart Switch Set With A 18' Armor L$95.36Details
ER167388GRI Telemark4704-A-720Spdt Sw Pull Apart 60' Ar Cbl$221.98Details
ER172693GRI Telemark4704-A-844704A Spdt W/7'Arm Cb W/C Rd$52.71Details
ER167389GRI Telemark4704-A96Switch Set 4704-A Pull Apart Spdt 8'Armored Cable$55.64Details
ER167390GRI Telemark4704-A-960Spdt Sw Pull Apart 80' Ar Cbl$276.78Details
ER627455GRI Telemark4775BGENSe Set, S55F-12-W-Ba-Gen W/M-7-W$3.35Details
ER627456GRI Telemark4775WGENSe Set, S55F-12-W-Ba-Gen W/M-7-W$3.35Details
ER172697GRI Telemark4834BGri 4834B Stubby W/M5 Long$5.24Details
ER167393GRI Telemark4834WHGri 4834Wh White 3/8Ptf Short$5.24Details
ER893780GRI Telemark5088TB5088Tb Z/ Mf875 Mag Term 1/2 Gap$4.76Details
ER808032GRI Telemark5088TWGWH3/8Inch Recessed/With Flat Mf-875 Magnet$5.62Details
ER627461GRI Telemark50RF12WGW1K¼ Inch, Wide Gap Switches With Flange, G$7.33Details
ER189994GRI Telemark5280$4.45Details
ER189995GRI Telemark528129A Br P/L Pn Fire & Burg$4.45Details
ER627468GRI Telemark55F12WGALSwitch Set Minature Surface Mount Closed$4.76Details
ER177897GRI Telemark5758Gri 5758$4.93Details
ER786793GRI Telemark57878Watt @ 1. % Tolerants$2.93Details
ER1039445GRI Telemark6148WSw Set, 2020-12Wg W/1K Res In Series$7.11Details
ER957701GRI Telemark6731B29Awg Contact With 2K Resistor. Brown$8.78Details
ER1008218GRI Telemark6731G29Awg Contact With 2K Resistor. Grey$8.78Details
ER995069GRI Telemark6731W29Awg Contact With 2K Resistor. White$8.78Details
ER190024GRI Telemark6919W2020-T-W W/ 5.6K Resistor Built In$7.11Details
ER190039GRI Telemark7160WGri 410P-36Wgw Bulk Bag$10.35Details
ER311311GRI Telemark7377GGri 20Rs-T With 1K Resistor Built-In$7.87Details
ER190050GRI Telemark7479WGri 7479W Switch W/Rare Magnet$4.07Details
ER958044GRI Telemark7588B2020-12 Contact With 2K Resistor. Brown$6.25Details
ER177958GRI Telemark7873B3/8" Cntct W/ Long Lead, Wide Gap Brwn$6.05Details
ER177959GRI Telemark7917Gri 4532-36 W/ High Current$29.48Details
ER167586GRI Telemark7918Gri 3/4 Biased W/ High Current$19.57Details
ER167590GRI Telemark7985BSwtch Set Armrd Cbl 3Ft 2 Cndct. Brwn$7.73Details
ER190060GRI Telemark7988BGri 8585T W/ 2 1K Ohm Resistor$10.40Details
ER177962GRI Telemark8022BGri 1" Steel Door Rec Wg Mag$9.33Details
ER627488GRI Telemark8023WSw Set, 400Wg-W W/ 1K In Series$12.12Details
ER167598GRI Telemark8080TBSw Set, 3/4'' Dteel Door W/ Terminals W/$5.18Details
ER177965GRI Telemark8080TW56K3/4" Steel Dr Sw/ Set Wh W/ 5.6K Resistr$8.24Details
ER949188GRI Telemark8080TWGBW2K8080T Brown With 2K Resistor$9.73Details
ER177988GRI Telemark8427-WResistor Pack With 2 4.7K Resistors White Pack 10$4.33Details
ER793470GRI Telemark8484TMCWHRecessed 1"/Closed Loop/Mc-180 Door Chan$8.82Details
ER797949GRI Telemark8705G2K-4K Resistor Grey$4.33Details
ER838194GRI Telemark8705W2K-4K Resistor, White$4.33Details
ER190125GRI TelemarkAC400PBGri Dorr Duel Reid Switch,Sur-$14.85Details
ER167674GRI TelemarkB29CBRGri Biased High Security$18.59Details
ER190132GRI TelemarkB29CGRBiased High Security Swtch Set$18.51Details
ER190133GRI TelemarkB29CWHGri Biased High Security$18.59Details
ER178047GRI TelemarkCB-20HDSame As Cb-20, Only Heavy Duty Call Button Call for Price.Details
ER172868GRI TelemarkDA1Recessed Mnt Dr Alert Annunciator Alrm W$72.10Details
ER178053GRI TelemarkDM1Door-Man (Overhead Garage Door Monitor)$82.00Details
ER1070169GRI TelemarkDP625WDummy Plug 5/8" Diamtr/Self Lckng Blk$0.26Details
ER190158GRI TelemarkDPA-10-ALInstnt On Pool Alrm Clsd Lpal$57.96Details
ER190161GRI TelemarkDPS70R-12-WContact Switch Set Hinge Mt Door Pos 5 Swt 5Bag$96.14Details
ER178063GRI TelemarkDS01BRGri Ds01/B$7.16Details
ER178066GRI TelemarkDS01TBRDome Switch W/Term - Brown-Pk Of 10$7.82Details
ER172887GRI TelemarkDS01TW2KOHMGri Ds01T White W/2K Ohm$9.38Details
ER167700GRI TelemarkDS01WHDome Switch C/L$7.13Details
ER167702GRI TelemarkDS03BRGri Dome Switch Brown$8.45Details
ER172892GRI TelemarkDS03WHSwitch Set, White (10 Pack)$8.45Details
ER167715GRI TelemarkEZQROCWCorner Connectors For Quarter Round Ez D$8.43Details
ER172915GRI TelemarkHAVC2KContact Hvackit F/Prot Air Conditioning W/2K Resis$29.54Details
ER167722GRI TelemarkHVAC1.1KContack Hvackit F/Prot Air Conditioning W/1.1K Res$30.02Details
ER190179GRI TelemarkHVAC10KContack Hvackit For Prot Air Conditioning W/2K Res$30.02Details
ER167723GRI TelemarkHVAC2.2KContact Hvackit F/Prot Air Conditioning 2.2K Resis$30.02Details
ER190180GRI TelemarkHVAC3K3$30.02Details
ER190183GRI TelemarkHVACO-1KKit Hvac Omni-Directional With 1K Resistor$35.88Details
ER172920GRI TelemarkHVACO2.2KHvac Kit W/Omni Directional Tilt Sensor 2.2K$35.88Details
ER758756GRI TelemarkM100WGBMagnet Mini Tab Surf Mount 1/4' X 1 A$1.60Details
ER627531GRI TelemarkM184BL1'' Recessed Magnets$2.57Details
ER815239GRI TelemarkM7FALMagnet Surface Mount With Break Away Fla$1.86Details
ER190247GRI TelemarkMS-2020T-WContact Switch Set 2020T 3/8" Bag 10 White$18.32Details
ER178156GRI TelemarkN20RS12BR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Re Mag - Br$5.62Details
ER173126GRI TelemarkPAC-2-B-10KContact Resistor Pack W/2 10K Resistors Brn$4.00Details
ER173127GRI TelemarkPAC-2-B-2.2KResistor Pk 2.2K Yellow In Paraell&Blu Wre Brwn Cs$4.00Details
ER167826GRI TelemarkPAC-2-B-4.7KContact Resistor Pak 2 4.7K Resistor Bag 10 Brown$32.20Details
ER167830GRI TelemarkPB100TWHGri Pb100T Wht Push Button$6.71Details
ER167834GRI TelemarkPB2020BRGri Pb2020B 3/8 Plunger Switch$4.42Details
ER173136GRI TelemarkPB2020TWH3/8" Plunger Switch - Wh$5.80Details
ER167837GRI TelemarkPBF100TBRGri Pbf-100T Brn 3/4 X 1 In$6.80Details
ER173141GRI TelemarkPBF100TH/1K3/4" Puch Button Switch With 1K Resistor Bag Of 10$8.53Details
ER173144GRI TelemarkPBF100TWHGri Pbf-100T Wht 3/4 X 1 In$6.80Details
ER173146GRI TelemarkPBF100WHGri Pbf-100W Wht 3/4 X 1 In$6.80Details
ER952068GRI TelemarkPBF100WW10KWitch Push Button In White With A 10K Re$8.45Details
ER173151GRI TelemarkPBF101TWHGri Plunger Terminal White$7.65Details
ER173154GRI TelemarkPBF2020TBRGri Plunger Switches Brown$5.80Details
ER178194GRI TelemarkPBF2020TWH3/8" Plunger Switch W/Flng -Wh$5.80Details
ER190296GRI TelemarkPBF2020WHGri Pbf2020W Contact Cc-Pg$4.42Details
ER347780GRI TelemarkRB0148WRoller Ball Switch 48 Inch Lead White$8.62Details
ER173172GRI TelemarkRB-01-BRb01 3/4" Rollerball/Br$6.54Details
ER178203GRI TelemarkRB01BRRoller-Ball W/Ld - Br$7.13Details
ER173175GRI TelemarkRB01WRoller Ball Plunger Contact- White$6.54Details
ER178205GRI TelemarkRB01W2210Recessed Roller Ball Switch W/ 2210 Reed$9.33Details
ER190319GRI TelemarkRB03BRGri Roller Ball Switches,Brown$8.38Details
ER952197GRI TelemarkRES8887Bare Resistor 47K 5% Tolerence$3.21Details
ER178274GRI TelemarkSRC12Service Repair Coard.$11.98Details
ER311272GRI TelemarkTEMPKT13-1Kit$272.89Details
ER173309GRI TelemarkTS30WGri Ts30W Open Loop Plunger$10.68Details
ER173313GRI TelemarkVS-06-BWindow Vent Switch 6" Brown$16.65Details
ER167979GRI TelemarkVS06BRGri Vs-06B Surface Mount$17.70Details