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Intrusion Security Systems

Surge Protectors and Relays

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER1039464Accurate ConnectionsPP1044426 Port Sc Simplex Adaptor, Black$41.43Details
ER969027Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH49841000Relay, Ext. Poe I/O Module4 In / 4 Relay Out$351.77Details
ER1005245Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH49841010Relay, Ext.Poe Extension Module4 In / 4 Relay Out$247.44Details
ER1039815Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCH19210101Xp Pro-Sbc Is, 4 Ch, Switch/Prox. Detector Repeate$366.77Details
ER112227Advanced SourcingASRB12 Amp Ul Listed Relay Board 6 12 Or 24Vdc$12.15Details
ER112228Advanced SourcingASST300Asrb Mounting Bracket For 3.00" Snap Track$2.00Details
ER116686Alarm SafCPS1000-UL/CSA-APD8 11X15X4Power Supply 10 Amp 8 Outputs 12-24Volts W/Board$672.19Details
ER117270Alarm SafCPS800C-UL/CSA-APD8XPower Supply 8 Amp 12 Or 24Volts 8 Outputs W/Board$617.02Details
ER116182Alarm SafRB24-UL-4NRb24-Ul-4N- Negative Trip Relay Controlled Outputs$119.00Details
ER116891Alarm SafRBK-624-SNPTRK$27.25Details
ER744642Alarm SafRLY RBK-10 SNPTRKRbk-10 Snptrk 6-24V 10A Dpdt$32.20Details
ER116189Alarm SafRLY RBK-124-AC-SNPTRKRelay 12 Or 24 Volt Ac Or Dc With Snap Track$30.74Details
ER387927Alarm SafSPS4Power Management Module, Secondary Power Source, 5$101.37Details
ER122849APC / American Power ConversionC10BLKApc Av C10 Power Filter 120 V, 12 Outlets Black In ColorCall for Price.Details
ER1045757APC / American Power ConversionP11U2Apc Performance Surgearrest 11 Outlets With 2 Usb$53.45Details
ER585110APC / American Power ConversionP4WUSB4 Outlet Wall-Tap W/ Usb Charging Ports, 1080 Joules$0.02Details
ER897217APC / American Power ConversionP6N46 Outlets W/ Ethernet 10/100Bt Protection, 4' Cord, 1080 JoulesCall for Price.Details
ER820218APC / American Power ConversionP6TW6 Outlet Wall-Tap W/ Phone Line Protection, 1080 JoulesCall for Price.Details
ER996842APC / American Power ConversionP6WTEssentl Surgearst 6Outlt Wall Mnt W/Phone Prot$11.65Details
ER991539APC / American Power ConversionP8U2Apc Home Office Surgearrest 8 Outlets With 2 Usb C$32.20Details
ER723726APC / American Power ConversionPDIGITELProtectnet Digital Telephone Data Line Surge SuppressorCall for Price.Details
ER942881APC / American Power ConversionPE66Apc Essential Surgearrest 6 Outlet 6 Foot Cord 120VCall for Price.Details
ER988150APC / American Power ConversionPE66WApc Essential Surgearrest 6 Outlet 6 Foot Cord 120V, WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER1007277APC / American Power ConversionPE6TApc Essential Surgearrest 6 Outlet W/ Phone Protection 120VCall for Price.Details
ER956225APC / American Power ConversionPE6U2Apc Essential Surgearrest 6 Outlet With 5V, 2.4A 2 Port Usb Charger 120Call for Price.Details
ER1060449APC / American Power ConversionPE76WApc Essential Surgearrest 7 Outlet 6 Foot Cord 120V, WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER790571APC / American Power ConversionPF11VNT3Apc Performance Surgearrest With Tel2/Splitter, Coax, Net 120 Volts, 11 OutletCall for Price.Details
ER896419APC / American Power ConversionPF11VT3Apc Performance Surgearrest With Tel2/Splitter &Amp; Coax 120 Volts, 11 OutletCall for Price.Details
ER840702APC / American Power ConversionPH8T3Apc Home/Office Surgearrest With Tel2/Splitter 120 Volts, 8 OutletCall for Price.Details
ER123019APC / American Power ConversionPRO7T7-Outlet&Amp;2 Rj-11 Surge Suppressor W/Tel C/W 6 Ft Cord$35.88Details
ER902931APC / American Power ConversionPSP25Db-25 Serial And Parallel Ports Of Computers And Peripheral EquipmentCall for Price.Details
ER964504Axis CommunicationsT8061ETHERNETSURGEPROTECTOProtect Your Ethernet Networks Device, I$125.99Details
ER745357Belden WireAX1000943 Sc Duplex Fo Adapter Strip Loaded Single Density Mm Fiberexpress Black$26.71Details
ER860662Belden WireAX10052812 St Fo Adapter Strip Loaded Double Density Sm Fiberexpress Black$86.83Details
ER837912Belden WireAX1005346 St Fo Adapter Strip Loaded Single Density Sm Fiberexpress Black$54.61Details
ER355957Belden WireAX1014073 Sc Duplex Fo Adapter Strip Loaded Single Density Sm Fiberexpress Black$30.12Details
ER756091Belden WireAX1014096 Sc Duplex Fo Adapter Strip Loaded Double Density Sm Fiberexpress Black$51.05Details
ER592499Black Box USAKVM2032AServswitch Multiuser 2 Users X 32 Ports$2,445.13Details
ER143863Carolina DesignANT.9010YG900Mhz 10Dbi Antenna Kit W/Cable & Surge Protectio$308.14Details
ER145186Channel VisionC0702Channel Vision P/S With Brackt$19.85Details
ER604711Coleman Cable / CCI04946890410 Outlet 4'Cord 3600J Smr$52.44Details
ER604712Coleman Cable / CCI04947890410 Outlet 4' Cord 3600J Pho$53.88Details
ER604713Coleman Cable / CCI0494989066-Outlet 3'Cord 2250J Smrt$28.91Details
ER604714Coleman Cable / CCI0495089066-Outlet 3'Cord 2250J Phn$29.96Details
ER604715Coleman Cable / CCI0495189066-Outlet 3' Cord 2250J Coax$33.04Details
ER604716Coleman Cable / CCI04952890210 Outlet 6'Cord 6000J Pho$86.07Details
ER920583Cooper / WheelockXB15UL0241506CWPNRStr, Clr Lens,Pipe Mt, Wire Guard, 24Vdc$758.03Details
ER946239DamacP0619AC1336 Outlet Rack Mount Powerstrip$101.24Details
ER610975DitekD100-120/2400HLSurg Prot 240/120Vac Split Phs$605.38Details
ER719692DitekD50-CM120/240 Vac 50Ka 2W+G Spd Type 1 Ul1449 3Rd Editio$60.26Details
ER610991DitekDTG1202401Di-Tek 100K A Phase Protection$302.23Details
ER610992DitekDTGX120240HLDi-Tek 200Ka/Phase 120/240V$562.92Details
ER610995DitekDTK-110RJC6APOESCat6A Poe Surge Protection With Rj45 In/ 110 OutCall for Price.Details
ER610996DitekDTK-110RJC6ASCat6A Ethernet Surge Protection With Rj45 In/ 110 OutCall for Price.Details
ER892051DitekDTK-120/240CM+BDtk-120/240Cm+ 12 Pack - Bulk$594.47Details
ER150585DitekDTK-120/240HD2FM120/240V Suppressor - 125Ka Total, 50Ka/Phase - Flush$346.07Details
ER610998DitekDTK-120/240SAFMK200Ka 120/240V Arrester W/ Emi/Rfi Filtering - Flush Mount$277.17Details
ER161424DitekDTK120SRCOVERInsulator Cover Kit For 120Sr$8.44Details
ER183026DitekDTK-1FSingle Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector W/ Filter$11.98Details
ER183028DitekDTK1FCSingle Outlet W/ Coax Protection$44.83Details
ER158569DitekDTK-1TPV1 Pair Terminal Strip Surge Protector For Twisted Pair Video$45.79Details
ER611010DitekDTK2083CMXPLUSDi-Tek 120/208V 3(P) Arrester W/Diagnost$47.52Details
ER158570DitekDTK-2401CMXPLUSSurge Arrestor, 240V, Single Phase, W/ Led Diagnot$51.21Details
ER611011DitekDTK-25P-D66 Block Punch Down Surge Protector - 25Pair$175.59Details
ER611014DitekDTK-2LVLAWGD2 Pair - 6V- Terminal Strip - 10-14 Awg$56.25Details
ER183032DitekDTK-2LVLAWGOPX2 Pair - 50V- Terminal Strip 10-14 Awg$56.25Details
ER183033DitekDTK-2LVLAWGRUVSurge Protector 2 Pair 130 Volt Terminal Strip$56.25Details
ER150598DitekDTK-2LVLAWGSPK2 Pair - 75V- Terminal Strip 10-14 Awg$56.25Details
ER611015DitekDTK-2LVLAWGXSurge Protector 2 Pair Terminal Strip 10-12Awg$56.25Details
ER150601DitekDTK-2LVLPSCPOPX2 Pair - 50V- Terminal Strip 16-22 Awg - 150Ma Self Resettable$45.79Details
ER183037DitekDTK-2LVLPSCPSGR2 Pair - 95V- Terminal Strip 16-22 Awg - 150Ma Self Resettable$45.79Details
ER183038DitekDTK-2LVLPSCPSPK2 Pair - 75V- Terminal Strip 16-22 Awg - 150Ma Self Resettable$45.79Details
ER150602DitekDTK-2LVLPSCPX2 Pair - 14V- Terminal Strip 16-22 Awg - 150Ma Self Resettable$45.79Details
ER846297DitekDTK-2MHLP12F12V Modular Surge Protection With Load Removal$61.24Details
ER927089DitekDTK-2MHLP12FWB12V Modular Surge Protection W/Load Removal/Hardwired Base$76.54Details
ER802213DitekDTK-2MHLP36F36V Modular Surge Protection With Load Removal$61.24Details
ER915397DitekDTK-2MHLP48F48V Modular Surge Protection With Load Removal$61.24Details
ER869290DitekDTK-2MHLP48FWB48V Modular Surge Protection W/Load Removal/Hardwired Base$76.54Details
ER935080DitekDTK-2MHLP5F5V, 2 Pair, Modular Alarm Panel Protector W/ 1A Fu$60.10Details
ER983610DitekDTK-2MHLP5FWB5V,2 Pr,Modular Alarm Pnl Prot & Base W/1A Fuse$74.93Details
ER161446DitekDTK-2POPX2 Pair, 50V, 66 Block Punch$29.16Details
ER183044DitekDTK-2PSGR2 Pair, 95V, 66 Block Punch$29.16Details
ER161449DitekDTK-2PX2 Pair, 14V, 66 Block Punch$29.16Details
ER611017DitekDTK3FMFDi-Tek 3 Outlet W/In/Out Rj11$50.42Details
ER161455DitekDTK-4LVLPSPK8 Wire 75V ClampCall for Price.Details
ER183056DitekDTK-4PSPK4 Pair, 75V, 66 Block Punch$44.04Details
ER611025DitekDTK6LVLPD6 Pair Terminal Strip, 6V$81.84Details
ER611027DitekDTK8LVLAWGX8 Pair 14V Terminal Strip 10-12 Awg$168.07Details
ER161469DitekDTKAC31XRj31X And Transformer Surge Protector$90.23Details
ER611033DitekDTKAPK1WPDi-Tek Dtkapk1Wp Alarm Kit/$36.01Details
ER611034DitekDTKAPK5Di-Tek 1 Outlet Protector And$180.71Details
ER416060DitekDTK-APKIPSecurity Control Panel Protection Kit With Network$76.54Details
ER416061DitekDTK-CMHWMOUNTLGLarge Mounting Plate F/ Hw/Cm Series$9.53Details
ER183071DitekDTK-DP4PBPPtz Camera Protection, 24Vdc, Utp In / Bnc Out, 6.8V Clamp-2 Pair, 6.8V Clamp$119.06Details
ER909509DitekDTK-DRP16CMReplacement Back Plane Surge Module For$392.85Details
ER611042DitekDTK-DTKS50B12PK50V-66 Block Snap On Protect$180.98Details
ER183075DitekDTK-FPK3Fire Alarm Control Panel Protection Kit - (1) 120Sr (120Vac 20A$171.79Details
ER183076DitekDTK-FPK4Ip Dialer Fire Alarm Panel Protection Kit - (1) 120Sr (120Vac 20A$158.18Details
ER611043DitekDTK-GLIGround Loop Isolator, 75 Ohms Bnc Female In/Out$29.95Details
ER161473DitekDTK-GPK1Gate Control Panel Protection Kit - (1) 120Hw (120Vac Power), (1)$209.20Details
ER158609DitekDTK-IBNC6.8Coax In-Line Protector W/ Bnc 1 Male Bnc And 1 Female Bnc 6.8V$49.32Details
ER611046DitekDTK-MBVBase For Single Mhlp Series W/Vertical$29.16Details
ER611049DitekDTK-MRJ45M36Surge Module, 36 Volt, Rj45 Input/Output, 4-Pair $38.41Details
ER150638DitekDTK-MRJ45M75Surge Module, 72 Volt, Rj45 Input/Output, 4-Pair $38.41Details
ER183081DitekDTK-MRJ45SCPDModular Surge Protector 8 Pin - 8 Wire$47.57Details
ER315545DitekDTK-MRJPOEBMReplacement Surge Module For Rm12Poeb/Fp, 1 Port, 4 Pair, Rj45$52.84Details
ER161795DitekDTK-MRJTLCSingle Channel Telecenter Vi Surge$51.08Details
ER150640DitekDTK-MT25PSCPLVRj21X Amphenol 25Pr, 30V Digital Sets$233.03Details
ER611051DitekDTK-PATCHCORD3" Patch Cord Rj45 Connections$3.05Details
ER150648DitekDTK-PVP27CPtz Camera 24Vdc/ 6.8V Coaxitron Surge Suppressor$57.82Details
ER416062DitekDTK-PVPPOEPoe4 Video Power &Amp; Data Surge Protector Rj45$98.64Details
ER183086DitekDTK-RM12C5Poe Surge Protector 4 Pair,12-Rj45 In/Out$442.84Details
ER776436DitekDTK-RM12C5RJMSurge Module, Replacement, For Rm12C5Rj Surge Prot$48.02Details
ER844507DitekDTK-RM12POEMSurge Protector, 12-Port, Rj45 Connection Input /$48.02Details
ER158621DitekDTK-RM12TLC12 Channel Rack Mount Telecenter Vi Surge Protector.$574.05Details
ER611053DitekDTK-S130A12PK130V - 66 Block Snap On Protection &Amp; 150Ma Self Resettable Fuse$199.01Details
ER611054DitekDTKS130B12PK130V - 66 Block Snap On Protection, For Digital$178.60Details
ER158625DitekDTK-S14B12PK66 Block Snap On 1 Pair 12 Pack F/Digital Circuits$178.60Details
ER611055DitekDTK-S30A12PK30V - 66 Block Snap On Protection For Digital Circuits W/ 150Ma$199.01Details
ER352236DitekDTK-S30B12PK30V - 66 Block Snap On Protection, For Digital$178.60Details
ER183089DitekDTK-S50A12PK50V - 66 Block Snap On Protection For Digital Circuits W/ 150Ma$199.01Details
ER611056DitekDTK-S50B12PK50V - 66 Block Snap On Protection, For Digital$178.60Details
ER896929DitekDTKSI30A*Eol*Dtksi30A 66 Block Snap$15.73Details
ER416063DitekDTK-SIGBSSnapit Ground Bar For Siemon Blocks$16.03Details
ER611057DitekDTK-SL130A12PK130V - 66 Block Snap On Protection W/Diagnostic Led &Amp; 150Ma Self$199.01Details
ER611058DitekDTK-SL130B12PK130V - 66 Block Snap On 130V - 66 Block Snap On 130V - 66 Block$199.01Details
ER611059DitekDTK-SL30A12PK30V - 66 Block Snap On Protection W/Diagnostic Led &Amp; 150Ma Self$199.01Details
ER161806DitekDTK-SL30B12PK30V - 66 Block Snap On 30V - 66 Block Snap On 30V - 66 Block$199.01Details
ER611060DitekDTK-SL50A12PK50V - 66 Block Snap On Protection W/Diagnostic Led &Amp; 150Ma Self$199.01Details
ER158630DitekDTK-SL50B12PK50V - 66 Block Snap On 50V - 66 Block Snap On 50V - 66 Block$199.01Details
ER611061DitekDTK-SL95A12PK95V - 66 Block Snap On Protection W/Diagnostic Led &Amp; 150Ma Self$199.01Details
ER611062DitekDTK-SL95B12PK95V - 66 Block Snap On 95V - 66 Block Snap On 95V - 66 Block$199.01Details
ER150653DitekDTK-TPKL8Voice/Signal Kit - Power, 8 Pair 130V Voice And Ground$171.79Details
ER150654DitekDTK-TSS1IPProtects 120Vac Power And 10 Pairs Of Slc/ Idc/Nac Circuits - (1)$434.63Details
ER158632DitekDTK-TSS2IPAlarm Panel Tvss, Ac, 2 Loop Circuits, Ip Comm$303.42Details
ER158633DitekDTK-TSS4Protects 120Vac Power$141.17Details
ER158634DitekDTK-VSPA2Dual Line Catv Surge Protector - Female Connector$78.24Details
ER183094DitekDTK-VSPBNCA2Dual Video Line Coax (Bnc Connector) - Cctv$76.54Details
ER161813DitekDTK-WH4+FMKWhole House Kit - Flush Mount (W/D50-120/240Hd,Vspa$309.98Details
ER150657DitekDTK-WH4PLUSWhole House Kit (W/D50-120/240Hd, Vspa, 2Lvlpscpruv$283.73Details
ER611063DitekDTK-WH5+FMKWhole House Kit - Flush Mount (W/Hd2Fm,Vspa, 2Lvlpscpruv, 8Ff-2Each)$493.68Details
ER162734DitekDTK-WH5PLUSWhole House Kit (W/Hd2,Vspa,2Lvlpscpruv, 8Ff-2Each)$460.88Details
ER611064DitekDTK-WH8+FMKWhole House Kit - Flush Mount (W/Hd2Fm,Cm Plus,Vspa2, 2Lvlpscpruv$575.68Details
ER611065DitekDTK-XB10Edge Card Base For 2MhlpCall for Price.Details
ER158638DitekDTK-ZSI6A6V - '66 Block Snap On Protection W/150Ma Self Resettable Fuse$29.95Details
ER152868EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE778Power Relay 3-32Vdc In 120V - 480$67.17Details
ER170179EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE810-50W/SRLH 10WSolar Light/Commercial Series$445.85Details
ER161094EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE810-50W/SRLH 20WSolar Lght, Commercial Series, 20 W Power$644.92Details
ER152869EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE810-50W/SRLH 30WSolar Lght, Commercial Series, 30W$890.20Details
ER794891Emerson Network Power / EdcoCAT6-5POE-FFCat 5 And Cat6 Poe Surge Protection Device$57.23Details
ER797862Emerson Network Power / EdcoCAT6-POE-IFemale To Female Surge Protector$142.52Details
ER823981Emerson Network Power / EdcoCCTV-1Closed Circuit Tv Surge Protection$26.15Details
ER739808Emerson Network Power / EdcoCP-24Camera Power Surge Protector - Cctv, 2.1Mm Jacks, High-Speed Sad$23.24Details
ER836654Emerson Network Power / EdcoCX-06-MISurge Protective Device Three-Stage Hybrid Technology$86.75Details
ER861716Emerson Network Power / EdcoEMC-240BSurge Protector For Ac Distribution Panel Circuits$173.98Details
ER715981Emerson Network Power / EdcoFAS-1-043 HCSingle-Pair Surge Suppressor$59.12Details
ER891476Emerson Network Power / EdcoFAS-120AC120V Surge Protector For Sensitive Electronic Equipment$49.57Details
ER743053Emerson Network Power / EdcoHSP-121BT1RUEdco Advanced Three-Stage Hybrid, 120V Surge Protector /Emi-Rfi Filter.$103.58Details
ER711573Emerson Network Power / EdcoHVCP-48-BNCHybrid Surge Protection$230.34Details
ER788864Emerson Network Power / EdcoMGBW-LUGGround Rail That Fits Standard Mi-50 Punch Down Blocks$12.57Details
ER889891Emerson Network Power / EdcoPBCLNSolid State Protectors For Intercom Extension Pairs (Callin Circui$18.82Details
ER863532Emerson Network Power / EdcoPBSPKSolid State Protectors For Intercom Extension Pairs (Speaker Circu$18.82Details
ER866044Emerson Network Power / EdcoPC642C008LCEdco; Zone/Loop/Data Protector; Modular;$81.84Details
ER860537Emerson Network Power / EdcoPC642C-036LCSurge Protector W/ Resettable Fuses, W/ Pcb1B-Wkey Base$81.84Details
ER883698Emerson Network Power / EdcoPCB1B-WKEYMating Female Connector For Pc642 And Phc Series Protectors$19.86Details
ER849656Emerson Network Power / EdcoPHC-043Notification Circuit Used W/ Pcb1B-Wkey Base (Base Sold Separately)$74.18Details
ER825150Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-115-10RMIslatrol Rackmount Series 15 Amps$215.22Details
ER764151Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-CAT6-16POE16 Channel Highspeed Data Line Surge Protector, 19" Rackmount$723.80Details
ER821676Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-CAT6-24POE24 Channel Highspeed Data Line Surge Protector, 19" Rackmount$886.75Details
ER910024Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-CAT6-48POEIslatrol Rackmount Series Poe Rj45 Protect$1,604.88Details
ER821150Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-CAT6-8POE8 Channel High-Speed Data Line Surge Protector, 19" Rackmount$449.86Details
ER862189Emerson Network Power / EdcoRM-CX06-16R16 Channel Coax Surge Protective Device$424.43Details
ER807096Emerson Network Power / EdcoSHAS-120Highway Lighting Protection 120Vac$57.38Details
ER783040Emerson Network Power / EdcoSLAC-12036LCSurge Protection Combined Ac Pwr &Amp; Data/Signal$340.03Details
ER721187Emerson Network Power / EdcoSS64-036-1Surge Protector Multi-Stage Hybrid$89.42Details
ER803818Emerson Network Power / EdcoSS64-036-2Surge Protector Multi-Stage Hybrid$89.59Details
ER623130Fluidmesh NetworksFM-SURGEAccesssory, Rj45 In-Line Surge Suppressor $202.51Details
ER750539Functional DevicesCLC212Enclosed Pilot Relay Isolated 2 Dry Contacts$21.19Details
ER920739Functional DevicesESR02PUl924 Enclosed Relay 20A Dpdt 208-277 Vac$134.32Details
ER1010461Functional DevicesESRBUl924 Enclosed Relay Esr+Auxillary Contacts 10 Amp$125.83Details
ER785462Functional DevicesESRH1CUl924 Encl Relay 10A Spdt10-30 Vac/Dc/208-277Vac$57.85Details
ER757216Functional DevicesRIB013PEnclosed Relay 20 Amp Tpst 120Vac$53.45Details
ER623246Functional DevicesRIB12PEnclosed Relay 20Amp Dpdt With 12Vacdc Coil$60.10Details
ER858939Functional DevicesRIBM01ZNDCTrackmnt Relay 30Amp Dpdt(Does Not Include Track)$35.88Details
ER623251Functional DevicesRIBM2401DRelay 4X1.7In 10Amps Dpdt 24Volts$18.16Details
ER623254Functional DevicesRIBMN24C-4T2.75" Track Mount Pilot Relay 15A Spdt W/24V Coil$41.74Details
ER750030Functional DevicesRIBX243PAEncl Int Adj Cur Sens+Rly 20Amp Trpl Sgth 24Ac/Dc$79.17Details
ER349168Functional DevicesRIBXKTV5-50Encl Solid-Core Transducer,0-50Amp,0-5Vdc,Terminal$28.77Details
ER993527Functional DevicesRIBXLSAEnclosed Internal Ac Sensor Adjustable 10Amp Spst$40.99Details
ER155114Functional DevicesRIBXLSRARelay And Ac Sensor Combo$49.06Details
ER863067GeistATRN102-102I82ST6Horizontal Pdu, 19 In. W/ Transfer Switch; 20A &Amp; 208V 10 Receptacles$476.26Details
ER741021GeistSP104-15Surge Supressor 19" 10 Outlet 5-15R Rec 15Amp/ 125V Horiz Pdu$117.83Details
ER819985GeistSPN104-1010-Outlet Horizontal Rackmount 15Amp Surge Suppressor 10' Cord Non-Switch$105.67Details
ER189625Greenlee Textron86265Switch-Rocker S=P Moment-On (915)$47.60Details
ER627340GRI Telemark10465Kit, Diode 1N4934 In Ht Shrink, Red And Black Lead$4.05Details
ER753677GRI Telemark10467Kit, Diode 1N4934 In Ht Srink$2.93Details
ER178050GRI TelemarkCC-01-3030-TCurrent Controller F/Light 3/8 Swt W/Term N/O Cnt$51.24Details
ER190144GRI TelemarkCC-01-3030-T-BGri Current Controller Rcsd Swtch, Brown$51.24Details
ER718604GRI TelemarkCC01NSCurrent Power Controller No Switch$46.13Details
ER311277GRI TelemarkPWSM-WPlug Pre Wire Surface Mount White Bag 10$0.46Details